Thank-you in advance for your help in keeping our members safe and potting.

Restricted numbers in the clubrooms

We have to be able to have a minimum one-metre distance between people within the clubrooms.  This means that there can be no more than four people using the wheels and three people using the table at any one time. 


To make sure that usage is fair, we will be using the booking system which can be found on this website – you must book a spot before using the rooms.  Each spot will be for 2 hours to ensure that everyone has a chance to use the clubrooms. 

Members only

Due to the restricted numbers allowed – we will be restricting entry to the clubroom to members and class attendees only. 

Currently, we are only taking on new members who have completed one of our courses or have had previous pottery experience.


We encourage the wearing of masks in the clubrooms. Be mindful of the other members using the rooms at the same time.


Please use the antibacterial spray on the club room doors any anything else you have touched. 

Social distancing

Please make sure you keep at least a metre between you and others in the club – this includes only one person at a time using the wedging table or the glazing room.